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Today I will be reviewing adobe photoshop CS 8. Adobe Photoshop 8 is an application that allows users to draw,scan,or edit pictures using advanced features that other photo programs can’t compete with. If you’re looking for something professional for making photos or editing, look no farther photoshop 8 is as professional as it gets. This software isn’t free but you can get a 30-day trial to try before you decide to buy. This program has many features and a lot to choose from when it comes to editing. Some of it’s best features are the ability to add filters to pictures that can dramatically change how your picture is viewed.

Photoshop 8 makes it simple to add shadows or highlights by using the burn and dodge tools just by changing the settings to your liking and then going over the areas you want to highlight and shade. Photoshop has plenty of tutorials out there so learning how to use this program is really simple if you are willing to learn. The use of filters and effects photoshop has allows you to make an endless amount of combinations that you can show to the world by showing how you do something a certain way using certain filter/effects. The only problem I can find with this program besides its price is that one slower computers with not much ram it can really lag or slow down your computer taking a little time to become responsive so if you don’t have much ram or have a slow processor this isn’t going to be your best friend.

Photoshop makes it extremely simple to make professional looking photos quick just by using it’s tools,filters,and other effects. Another use of this product is to use it in combination with flash to create rich looking animations that look professional. Photoshop is a great tool for anyone looking to spruce up a photo by enriching it’s color or by adding lightening effects which photoshop prevails in doing. This software allows it’s users to either use premade brushes or you can create your own by customizing settings to get the brush the way you want it. Photoshop 8 makes use of layer like most programs which gives you the edge when you need to edit a certain area without effecting the whole picture. With photoshop there are plenty of features they will keep you satisfied and expecting more from newer releases which brings me to my final words in this review. Photoshop 8 is an excellent program for designers or people who want to create vivid and rich photos and that is why I recommend this product all the way.

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