Where to find free fonts for commercial use

Where to find free fonts for commercial use

If you are a font hoarder like me, you’re probably always looking for a good free font. And it’s easy to find websites that offer them. All you have to do is Google ‘free fonts’ and you’ll find hundreds of websites, but there are two big problems.

Some of those free fonts are not 100% free. You can use them on your blog or personal projects, but you can’t use them for the items that you want to sell. Another huge problem is that there are a lot of sketchy websites that offer stolen fonts or fonts that have spyware. You definitely don’t want to download those fonts.

This is why I’m going to show you a few websites that offer free fonts for commercial use:

Google Fonts

You’ve probably heard of this one, but it’s the best place to find free web-safe fonts. That means that they look good on your website and you can easily install the fonts on your blog or download them to your computer. And there are over 800 fonts that you can try!

The League of Movable Type

This website offers a selection of free, open-source and good quality fonts that you can also use on your blog.

Font Squirrel

There’s a huge selection of fonts on Font Squirrel and it’s another website that offers both desktop and web fonts. You have a lot of tags that help you find the perfect font, but you’ll have to read the license before you download your favorite fonts because not all of them are free for commercial use.


You’ll have to look through over 30,000 fonts and some of them are not that great. Others are very bad, but there are also very beautiful script fonts that are 100% free. Just make sure you search for ‘100% free fonts’ or read the license before your download.

1001 Fonts

Similar to DaFont, 1001 Fonts has a large selection of fonts and some of them are not that great, but you can also find some hidden jewels if you spend some time on the website.

Creative Market

There are many beautiful fonts on Creative Market and some of them are crazy popular in the blogging and design world. Most of them are not free even though they are affordable. But each week you can download 6 free items and you can find free fonts for commercial use and other design goodies.

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG is an online marketplace similar to Creative Market, but they have a freebie section that has many good free fonts. There’s also a freebie of the week and a section for $1 deals. You should check it out!

Where do you find good free fonts for commercial use?

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